welcome to my webbed site

i'm roswell (or any names listed in my pronouns.page besides dallas; it's complicated)! i'm learning how to make a website. you can also call me slime if you want. i'll link my pronouns page here

i am strongly anticapitalist. labels i identify with r below. i also really like mr robot please let me talk about mr robot with you i am normal about mr robot please trust me i am so normal about mr robot i am a normal sane man about mr robot trust me

I am
alien, boydyke, butch-loving, crossdresser, drag queen, drama queen, dude, dyke, F2M, FTM, fag, fagdyke, faggotdude, fairy, gender bender, genderqueer, guy, guydyke, homo, man-loving, masculine, me, mixed-gendered, myself, other-gendered, otherkin, out, pansy, pre-op, queer, queer dyke, queergendered, tranny, trans, trans-loving, transbutch, transdyke, transsexual, transfag, transman, transsexual, XXY
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i have MENTAL ILLNESS!!! it affects my behavior so be warned

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before you talk to me, these are my standpoints on random things!